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At Augusta Fencing Co, our partners do not only install your fences but also stain and repair them as required. Therefore, you can rely on them to be your long-term fence contractors in Augusta, Georgia for all your fencing needs.

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Common types of fence damage

A well-maintained fence can beautify your home like nothing else. However, weather changes and physical damage can make a fence lose its visual appeal and function. Therefore, it is important to know the types of damages a fence can sustain and how you can prevent them.


With time and regular exposure to the Sun, many materials start corroding away. For instance, if you have wooden fences, the corrosion will present itself as rot or mold. On the other hand, if you have metal fences at home, the corrosion will be evident as rust.

You can prevent this by choosing the fence material that is most appropriate for your area. If you live in a wet region, choose a fence material that is resistant to moisture and durable enough to bear excessive exposure to water.

You should also keep your fence clean and wipe the boards whenever you see any dirt on it. Additionally, use a scrub brush to clean grime from your fence. Despite maintaining the fence, you will have to refinish or stain the material every few years.

Gaps and holes

Wooden fences are the most susceptible to holes and gaps, but this damage also extends to other materials. This could be due to many reasons, such as mechanical or physical damage. You may have accidentally rammed into the fence with a lawnmower or backed your car into the fence. Whatever the case may be, a gap or hole in your fence can be very problematic since it allows the entry of stray animals and affects the privacy of your home.

If you notice any gaps or holes in your fence, make sure you get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, the gap could potentially get bigger and add up to a much higher expense.

Sometimes, a slat might fall off the fence. In this case, someone needs to fasten it again. It is better if you leave the job to a professional.

Sagging gate

Owing to many factors, your fence gate may begin to sag after a few years of use. This would make it difficult for you to use the gate properly. It also makes your property less secure. For instance, if you have a sagging gate, it could create a gap in the fence that is big enough for your little one to crawl through.

You certainly do not want this to happen. Thus, if you feel like the gate is sagging or is experiencing weathering effects, get in touch with a professional.

At Augusta Fencing Co, we have repaired countless gates and restored the privacy and aesthetic of our clients’ homes. When a door starts to sag, we take a look at how bad the condition is. Then, we either fix it or replace the gate, depending on the extent of the damage.

Tilted posts

No matter how durable the material is, it can tilt or lose its shape over time. Sometimes, this happens due to underground factors, while at other times, the weather is responsible for these changes in your fence.

If you do not address this problem in a timely manner, it could lead to more damage and a higher repair cost. As soon as you notice tilting in any of the fence posts, get in touch with us. Our representatives will take a look at the fence and help you determine if some sections need to be replaced.

If your property has a slope, your fence contractor Augusta Georgia may suggest a rackable fence. These fences are easy to adjust according to the slope of your property. Thus, they do not put much strain on the fence posts.


Fences are generally durable. However, with use and time, they can twist, bend, and sag. the easiest way to prevent this is to choose a high-quality fencing material and a fencing contractor that does a stellar job.

Augusta Fencing Co is a leading name in the field of fencing. We make sure your fences are installed properly so that they last a long time without warping or bending. But if your fences are facing the test of time, get in touch with us to learn about our repair solutions.


While the primary function of a fence is privacy, it is not the only reason you would install a fence in your home. You surely also want the fence to give your home a beautiful appearance.

However, if there are ugly-looking stains on your fence, they can ruin the aesthetic of your home. Typically, these stains wash off easily with water and dish soap. However, in some cases, the stains penetrate into the material and tend to become permanent.

If you are worried about this, it’s a good idea to choose a fence in a darker color that conceals stains. Also, make sure you wipe your fences properly regularly. This will prevent the stain from setting in.

But if the stain has set in and seems impossible to remove using any DIY method, consult a professional.

Fence Staining

Most fence companies Augusta Georgia only install your fences and do not offer staining services. However, at Augusta Fencing Co, we also stain your fences as per your preferences.

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Staining a fence has a number of benefits. That is why it is becoming increasingly common to stain fences. Let us take a look at some of the pros of this procedure:

Prevents rot

Rot is the bane of many homeowners’ existence since it can rake up the repair and maintenance of a fence. But if a fence is stained with a high-quality stain, it resists spotting.

How does this work? Well, a good-quality stain prevents the entry of water into the fence. As a result of that, the fence does not rot away with time.

Limits UV damage

Keep in mind that the fence is always exposed to the sun. Just like your skin, regular exposure to the sun is also damaging to the fences. Over time, the color might fade away, making the fence look old and worn-out.

When you get the fence stained, it restores the shine and luster of the fence. It also keeps the fence safe from UV damage and keeps it looking perfect for the upcoming years.

Prevents splitting

Along with rotting, the entry of water into the fencing material also causes splitting. This is very problematic if you have kids and pets at home since bits of the fencing material can hurt them. Therefore, staining your fences will prevent water from entering the material and causing splitting. Weather changes allow water to enter the fence. When this water freezes, the fence material splits apart.

Fortunately, stain repels this water and prevents splitting, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Enhances wood grain

Although wood itself does a great job of making a show, you sometimes need to make it pop with a coat of stain. Staining does not only enhance the wood grain but also increase the resale value of your home.

Improves longevity

Ultimately, a stained fence lasts longer. If water does not penetrate into the material and there is no risk of UV damage, you can of course expect the longevity to be much better. In fact, this is the major reason for staining fences.

All in all, staining preserves the fence’s finish and maintains its longevity.

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Is It cheaper to replace or repair a fence?

Repairing a fence is much cheaper than replacing it. However, repair may not be an option every time. If there is too much damage, replacement becomes a necessity.

How much does It cost to repair a fence?

The cost for repairing a fence depends on the material and the extent of the damage. If the fence is damaged beyond repair, a replacement will be necessary. In this case, the cost will be higher. Make sure to get repair or replacement quotes from different contractors before deciding on one.

Is it worth staining a fence?

Staining a fence is definitely worth it, especially if you want the fence to last longer. On the one hand, it improves the aesthetic of the fence. On the other hand, it prevents chipping and erosion, improving the longevity of your fence. Staining also makes the fence water-resistant, keeping it safe for moisture-induced damage.

You can only get one side of the fence stained, especially if the other side faces your neighbor’s house and they do not want the fence to be stained. However, if you do not have this problem, it’s better to get both sides stained as it ensures consistency in the appearance of the fence.